"Focusing On People, Processes and Systems"

HR Consulting

"With his guidance as my leadership coach, I was able to vastly increase the repertoire of leadership tools at my disposal. He encouraged deep self-awareness and an honest, objective look at my team situation so that we could clearly identify points of improvement, and implement that improvement through clear communication and listening. Al rapidly evaluated my team situation, collected input from all members, and provided a clear, measured development plan. With the lessons and discussions he provided, I learned how to adapt my leadership style to my team's needs with positive results. I leave our discussions with team improvements in trust, respect, and ways to successfully communicate to each team member their value. Al deserves my highest recommendation." 
James Noah, Sr. Principal Investigator, Battelle National Biodefense Institute

"Not only is Al the consummate professional but he is the best equipped and effective HR expert I've ever worked with! I have worked with him in my capacity as a CEO over the years in many situations: from hiring the right fit for a small but growing team, through conflict resolution between employees, career coaching to help grow employees as an organization advances, to writing the employee handbook, distilling the company cultural beliefs into written form and guiding the Board of Directors in maintaining equitable compensation and benefits for a diverse company of talents. When you need quality HR, I recommend you call Al."
Jon Burrows, Partner, Oncology Partners LLC

"Al, I want to thank you for working with one of my managers over the past several months. Your coaching has been invaluable in helping her to be more successful as a manager (and a happier person). As she is a valued employee, I am thrilled that she is more comfortable in her role as a manager. She indicated that the coaching sessions with you were tremendously valuable to her and the techniques and tools she has learned have made a significant difference in her comfort level in managing staff and in her role as a manager. I agree with her self-assessment, as I have observed her being much more confident and successful in handling issues that have arisen. Thanks again for all your help."
Mike Hevey, Associate Laboratory Director and Director National Biological Threat Characterization Center
Battelle National Biodefense Institute

"BAR recently engaged Al Lichtenstein and HR Results, LLC to evaluate our employee performance review process. This was an area of our business we did each year but had lack luster results. We interviewed a handful of industry consultants and found HR Results, LLC to be far superior to all the others. After engaging Al, we ended up with an integrated system that worked far better than we imagined. In fact, it may have been the best money we spent last year on employee growth and development. We now have specific job descriptions which will help when we hire to that position, self-appraisal forms, a supervisor sign-off process, and a senior/mid-level management calibration meeting process that truly reflects BAR’s unique culture."
Eric Huck, Partner, BAR Financial, LLC

"Al has proven to be one of my best resources offering "HR Results". After working with him for over 18 months, I consider him my "Go-to Guy" for tackling HR situations. Al has a wealth of knowledge and experience covering all areas of HR and has been a great coach for my own career development. He is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to other Human Resources professionals."
Shelly Gladhill, Director, Human Resources and Facilities Security Officer, Patriot Technologies Inc.

"Having Al come and work at GURU as an HR Consultant was one of the best decisions the company could have made. His expertise in the Human Resources field is both broad and well-versed. He helped GURU develop and improve many policies and procedures that benefited the employees as well as the company as a whole. Al will always be the first person I refer when it comes to Human Resources. He is not only a great consultant, but a great mentor/educator." 
Christina Albert, Director, Human Resources, GURU, Inc.

"Al Lichtenstein has provided HR consulting services to my company for many years. He is well-suited to assist in high-growth situations, dealing with internal challenges and creating a high quality HR function - without the cost of an FTE or HR department. I highly recommend Al." 
Jeff Conroy, Partner, Adjuvant Partners

"When you work with Al, as I have (in a variety of capacities) since 1998, there are several themes that emerge. He is a superb listener who can concisely capture the relevant messages while challenging your perceptions, which may lead you to a new option or outcome in a given scenario. With his breadth of experience, in both start-up and global biopharm organizations, he is able to speak credibly about what may work in a variety of situations and company cultures. And it's no mistake that "Results" is his corporate consulting identity--he never wavers from the ultimate objective and can be counted on to deliver results that meet his clients’ needs. Al truly loves interacting with and helping people achieve their goals. He is selfless, focused, and has a sense of humor that helps all involved keep an appropriate perspective. I value our relationship." 
Wendy Penry, Chief Human Resources Officer, Aeras

"I had the pleasure of working with Al during a particularly tumultuous time at Novavax. With his guidance, we were able to successfully downsize and restructure the company into a vaccine development organization. Al's advice and counsel in the handling of highly sensitive and confidential matters was invaluable to me. He is a true professional and someone whom I trust implicitly. He was always on top of his field, prepared, and highly responsive. Novavax benefited greatly during the period of his HR leadership. I recommend him without hesitation."
Rahul Singhvi, President & CEO, Novavax, Inc.

"Al was my HR partner at Boehringer Mannheim and was a trusted advisor throughout the course of my tenure there. He was highly supportive, but also frequently challenged thoughts and ideas to aid in the development of the best solution to address both issues and opportunities. I also appreciated the fact that Al was open-minded and flexible, while also having a sense of urgency when the situation dictated. I have stayed in touch with Al over the years and would certainly welcome an opportunity to work with him again, given the chance." 
Tony Yost, VP, Sales & Marketing, Boehringer Mannheim

"I've had the pleasure of working with Al on several occasions regarding Human Resources matters. Al is the first person I go to when I need external advice or consulting. He works swiftly, surely and with integrity. He knows exactly how to interact with individuals in very tense situations and has defused many a situation that might otherwise have become unmanageable. I have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending Al for your HR needs." 
Marge Meyer, Senior Director, Human Resources, GenVec Inc.

Career Coaching

"Al was a sensible and practical help to my job search process. His advice was consistent and objective, a welcome balance to what can be an emotional experience. He helped me stay focused on what was most important to me in my next role. I appreciated how accessible and professional he was, and he always remembered where I was with different interviews and pursuits. It was a pleasure to work with him. Every conversation was a value-add."  
Laura Wright, Senior Director Product Strategy, 2U, Inc.

“It is my pleasure to both recommend and provide a reference for Al Lichtenstein. I had the opportunity to work with Al at OncoPlexDx where he was a Vice President of Human Resources. At the time, I was a young scientist charged with the task of building a team. Al was instrumental in teaching me how to screen, recruit, interview and hire the right scientists for my small, but growing group. My working relationship with Al continued with him being both a coach and mentor as I progressed in my career. While I was contemplating a job change,Al was extremely effective in helping me both identify my priorities and develop a plan to gain a position that was appropriate within my career trajectory. His help extended to reviewing my CV, identifying the right opportunities and firms and preparing for interviews. I owe him a great deal of thanks for helping me secure my current position.
Whether as a HR director or coach, Al has been an empathetic counselor, a patient listener and consistently took the extra steps necessary to achieve the HR needs of both individuals and the organization. In addition, he was a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and always generous with his time. For the reasons I expressed above, I am pleased to give my highest recommendation for Al Lichtenstein to anyone considering his services.”
Fabiola Cecchi, PhD, Associate Director of Proteomic Translational Medicine 

“Al worked with me as both a career and business development coach. His support, advice, guidance, and best practice recommendations were valuable, immediately applicable, and spot on. Al is a fantastic coach and mentor, and I am lucky to have worked with him after a layoff. He was integral to the success I had in finding new employment in a short amount of time. I look forward to keeping in touch with him as a colleague and friend and I highly recommend him.”  

Aina Irbe, Director of Curricula and Research, The National Council for Behavioral Health

"The organization I was leaving had a relationship with Al's firm, and I was encouraged to utilize their services as I considered my next career move. As a senior executive with extensive experience, I frankly was cynical about this and doubtful about how helpful someone could be; but I was way wrong! In our first conversation, Al's firm knowledge of the issues swirling around job and career change was very clear. He asked really helpful, probing questions (many of which had never occurred to me) and his answers to my questions were strong, succinct, and exceedingly helpful. He followed my lead, so as not to push me past where I was willing to go, but encouraged and pushed gently to get me more out of my comfort zone. All tolled, his advice and reactions to my experiences were extremely useful, and I recommend him strongly as a career coach."
Jeff Kirsch, Public Interest Advocacy Leader

"I was impressed with Al from the first meeting, which he welcomed being face-to-face. He was understanding, relatable and quickly honed in on the primary obstacle in my current (and even previous) career search. He diligently led me through the "Morris process", was generous with his time and helped me stay focused on my priorities. From resumes, to networking, to identifying specific goals, to recognizing and defining an office culture, Al was always strategic and shared many relevant examples of how to and how not to move forward on my path. In particular his advice on networking was especially significant. Who wants to make ten calls a day to their network!? Yet Al's networking advice and examples were too compelling – and of course worked! I am pleased to share my highest recommendation for Al Lichtenstein." 
Barbara Dunlavey, CMP, CAE, Association Executive

"I was privileged to work with Al during a recent career change. He was a great coach during an important transition in professional development. He helped me think about what I wanted to do next and how to get it; and he gave me the tools to make it possible. In addition, he was a great cheerleader, prodder and advisor throughout the process. Most importantly, working with Al gave me the confidence I needed to deal with potential employers. I never had a question from any potential employer that he and I had not already discussed and no potential employer ever caught me stumbling over answers because we had preemptively determined the best approach to nearly every possible question. I recommend Al without hesitation to anyone engaged in a career change and who is seeking methods and solutions that work in the real world. Thank you Al!" 
Graydon Forrer, Director of Presidential Communications at George Washington University

“I highly recommend Al as a Career Coach/Adviser, with no reservations. Al is extremely insightful at all stages of your career transition. He does a great job of walking you through the key aspects of each stage of the process with the patience and poise indicative of an expert in his field. He is timely, and discussions with him feel more like insightful/valuable conversations compared to a checklist approach. Al is thorough and practical. He provides candid and balanced feedback on your performance; reinforcing your areas of strength and identifying opportunities for improvement. He is compassionate and truly cares for you and your professional goals. Thank you very much Al, your advice and guidance has been unparalleled.”
Aditya S. Yerramilli, CPA, CFE, Forensic Program Manager, Google

"Al has a comprehensive, strategic, and creative approach that is indispensable to a successful job search. As a great coach, he focuses on the fundamentals: a high impact resume, comprehensive networking, and effective interview and negotiating skills. Al also shows by his work that he takes a personal interest in helping his clients achieve the best results possible. I highly recommend him."
Chris Murphy, Senior Program Analyst, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, Battelle

"Al brings a wonderful combination of business knowledge and leadership to all the work he does with our clients, whether it’s coaching clients individually, leading Round Table Seminars with groups, or consulting with organizations about human resource and management issues. Thanks, Al for all you do for us and others." 
Thomas W. Morris III, President, Morris Associates Inc.

"I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to work with Al as my Career Coach. He was thorough, knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and eager to see me succeed. He took a comprehensive approach to helping me outline my career path and made me think outside the box when it came to my dream job. Al takes you on a career journey and helps you dig deep within yourself to determine what you want and how to achieve it. He guides you through creating your career goals and a top notch resume and prepares you by conducting a mock interview. Working with Al was a rewarding and exciting experience and I would highly recommend him as a Career Coach."
Jennifer Rankin, Director, Community Outreach, American Forests

"Al is an active Career Coach and instrumental in helping others explore and better define their professional competencies. He addresses personal issues impacting your career, clearly identifies your career objectives, discusses and helps you resolve obstacles to your employment and career success. Al guides you in developing both short-term and long-range career strategies, assists you in developing, executing and managing a successful job search campaign, and prepares you to competitively interview, negotiate compensation and evaluate offers. In addition, he provides you with ongoing guidance and advice for long-term career planning, management and advancement. Al is one of the best Career Coaches in the Washington, DC area and I would recommend anyone in need of a career coach to reach out to him." 
Anita Baker, Configuration and Problem Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton

"Al Lichtenstein is the consummate coach - he helped me prioritize what is important to me in my career and provided me with a range of tools for how to get there, including advice about networking and creating a resume that gets results. He is practical, down-to-earth, and knows how to instill confidence in his clients. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to change jobs or career direction and would definitely use him again when I have to make important career-related decisions." 
Dorie Hightower, Director of Media and Public Relations, National Quality Forum

"Al Lichtenstein is a trusted advisor for those in professional transition. He's a consummate professional, and has a breadth and depth of experience that he willingly shares with his clients. He coached me through a challenging time in my career and provided exceptional value with a personable touch. I wouldn't hesitate to call on Al again for his help and expertise, and recommend him highly to anyone in need of the services he provides." 
Nick Maschari, Manager, Business Development, MSL Group

"I met Al during the most challenging time in my professional career. He is an exceptional career coach who shares his knowledge and experience, and provides his clients with excellent counsel, guidance, and tools to help them identify and achieve their goals. I feel very fortunate to have met Al, and I would recommend him highly to anyone in need of career coaching." 
Scott M. Burke, Senior Vice-President-Director PMO, National Cooperative Bank